IMG_0023Bali  sea kayak is the only sea kayaking activities in Bali.
Bali sea kayak invites you to enjoy the beauty of the ocean Indonesia and provide new challenges for travelers.
Bali’s southern coast atmosphere is quiet and unspoiled, will give satisfaction and unforgettable experience.

Bali Sea Kayak will take you into an adventure that you will never get anywhere else. Besides enjoying the surf beach south of Bali which is also known by the Pandawa Beach, you can also watch the cliff and natural caves along the way.
Then you will see seaweed farmers at work.

using standard equipment Internasinal, and all the Bali sea kayak Kayak is a kayak Inport.
Each tour will be guided by an experienced sea kayak guide, so that you will be more comfortable tour.

Tour at the start of the Pandawa beach to the Bali cliff beach, and it will takes about 2.5 hours. Amid the way we will rest for a while in a very quiet beach with white sand and clean from pollution and community activities. And in this place we will deliver snacks and soft dring. You can enjoy the beautiful beaches to swim or sunbathe on white sand while enjoying drinks and snacks.

Together Bali sea kayak, the experience  not needed to use a kayak, because your guide will lead you before you start the kayak tour.

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